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LGBT HIP Projects

Current LGBT HIP Projects…

Disabilities / BME / Community Development / Infrastructure Support / Campaigns / Training


disability groupDisabilities

LGBT HIP is working with the FED, and Brighton and Hove Community Safety Partnership to support an LGBT Disabled Persons Group. The group meets monthly and is a safe and confidential space for LGBT disabled persons to meet, socialise and campaign. This work follows a consultation that LGBT HIP and the FED facilitated in 2014.

Learning Disabilities and LGBT Identities

In December 2014 LGBT HIP held a Round-table event looking into LGBT identity and Learning Disabilities, inviting LGBT people with Learning Disabilities and workers from the LGBT sector and Learning Disabilities sector to explore challenges faced by LGBT people with LD and for workers supporting them. You can read the report from this focus group here and an easy-read version here.

Following this round-table event, LGBT HIP and Brighton and Hove Speak Out worked together to host an event for LGBT people with learning disabilities to come together, learn about local LGBT services and say what they would like in terms of services and groups. Following this consultation, Brighton and Hove Speak Out has started an LGBTQI advocacy group. For details about this group, please click here.



Making information on LGBTQ services in Brighton & Hove available in a range of languages

It’s really important to us at LGBT HIP that information about local LGBTQ services is available and accessible to as many people as possible, so after consultation with local LGBTQ groups and the Trust for Developing Communities, we have now translated some core information about LGBTQ services in Brighton and Hove into a number of different languages. Information in Arabic, French, Bengali, Turkish and Cantonese is available here.


Ongoing Partnership Working

LGBT HIP works with partners including Trust for Developing Communities, City of Sanctuary, Friends, Families & Travellers and One Voice to work on project for LGBT people from BME backgrounds. If you are interested in getting involved in this work, please email us at lgbthip@switchboard.org.uk



LGBT HIP works to support new groups and activities in the LGBTQ sector. This can be anything from an LGBT group in a particular neighbourhood, to running a new exercise group for LGBTQ people. We can support individuals or groups of people to look for funding and get off the ground. We would be particularly interested to support people with initiatives for LGBT people from BME backgrounds, LGBTQ families and LGBTQ refugee and asylum seekers. As part of this work, we are also looking to develop LGBT spaces in the Tarner and Whitehawk neighbourhoods this year. If you have an idea for starting a new group or activity and are looking at how to develop the idea, please get in touch for support.



LGBT HIP is sub-contracted by Community Works to deliver infrastructure support to local LGBTQ community groups. This support can help new LGBTQ groups to take the first steps to build strong foundations, and supports developing LGBTQ groups to continue to flourish and grow.

This support includes training in Bid-Writing, Training Skills for Volunteers and Basic Public Relations for Charities. We have also developed a Policy Bank for LGBTQ groups in Brighton and Hove. This resource includes a Toolkit for policy development, as well as a Policy Bank with examples of effective policies from local LGBTQ groups.

LGBT HIP can also offer bespoke one-to-one support and signposting for local LGBTQ community groups. To keep up to date with our upcoming opportunities for LGBTQ groups, please sign up to our mailing list. Alternatively, if you would like to talk to someone about support for your group, please contact us.




Spread the love to beat homophobia, biphobia and transphobia!

LGBT HIP led a campaign for International Day against Homo/ Bi/ Transphobia in May 2015. We asked people to take a picture of themselves, showing what freedom from homophobia, biphobia and transphobia means to them.




LGBT Switchboard can provide bespoke LGBT Awareness/ Trans Awareness training for your organisation or group. The training can cover a range of topics including: understanding the impact of stigma and discrimination, creating LGBT safe spaces, implementing the Equality Act and challenging homo/ bi/ transphobia.

We operate a sliding scale with agencies choosing where to put themselves on the scale:

£135 per hour/£800 per day

£100 per hour / £600 per day

£75 per hour / £450 per day

£60 per hour / £360 per day

£50 per hour / £300 per day

Individual requests for training and consultancy by agencies who cannot afford to pay within the fee scale will be considered. Partner organisations may be able to access LGBT HIP training free of charge.


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