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LGBT HIP Projects 2011

December 2011

Recognising the very low attendance of transmen and transwomen at sexual health clinics, LGBT-HIP, in conjunction with the Claude Nicol Centre in Brighton, organised the first “closed session”: a chance for trans people to visit the clinic, meet the staff, discuss both their reservations about attendance, and ways for the clinic to make itself more trans friendly.

The session was well attended with both clinic staff and attendees feeling that they gained a lot from the experience. Surveys showed that as result of the intervention, trans people were more likely to go to the clinic for checkups and advice.

LGBT-HIP continues to work with the Claude Nicol Centre.

October 2011

October saw the launch of the Suicidal Distress survey throughout the Brighton and Hove LGBT communities and relayed some early results to the local NHS consultation on mental health services. The results of the survey continue to be analysed.

June 2011

LGBT-HIP launched with the LGBT Healthy day in Dorset Gardens, Brighton. This free event showcased the organisations and groups that provide services for the LGBT community to improve their health and well being.

There were a range of stalls with information about issues such as:
Mental Health, Sexual Health, Nutrition, Social Groups, Trans Health, Exercise, Cancer prevention, Aging, Isolation, Drug use and Complementary Therapies. A free lunch was provided by Lunch Positive. Free massage and complementary acupuncture provided by Pathways to Health.